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A complete and balanced chicken-based kibble that supports the healthy lifestyle of your cat, while fostering a wholesome appearance. Made for cats with a low activity level.

  • High quality chicken protein
  • Contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E
  • Contains Taurine which is an essential vitamin for vision
  • Contains vitamins A, B, D, E as well as a full range of minerals such as calcium

Crude Protein ...... 30% minimum
Crude Fat ............ 11% minimum
Moisture .............. 10% maximum
Fiber .................... 4% maximum

85% of our recipe is in the top 5 ingredients listed. The other 15% are supplements.

Dehydrated chicken
Yellow Ground corn
Whole barley
Corn gluten meal
Chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols -
a source of vitamin E
Dried beet pulp - fiber
Natural flavour
Choline chloride - an organic compound, responsible for the health of brain cells
Potassium chloride - natural Potassium supplement
Sodium bisulphate - flavor enhancement and helps acidify urine and balance pH
Calcium propionate - "calcuim salt", used as a preservative
Taurine - essential for digestion - cats do not produce on their own
Zinc sulphate - prevent and/or correct zinc deficiency in animals
Ferrous sulphate - source of iron, promotes oxygen-rich blood, immune support
Yucca schidigera extract - anti-arthritic, and anti-inflammatory 
Vitamin E supplement
Niacin - Vitamin B3
Copper sulphate - aids in bone formation, iron absorption and protein metabolism
Manganese sulphate - nutrient metabolism, nervous system function, normal bone development
Calcium pantothenate - Vitamin B5
Riboflavin - Vitamin B2
Thiamine Mononitrate - Standard source of B-1, effects nervous system and mental attitude
Vitamin A supplement
Biotin - Vitamin B7
Pyridoxine hydrochloride - Vitamin B6
Sodium selenite - essential for normal cell function
Vitamin B12 supplement
Calcium iodate - Iodine supplement, good for the thyroid gland
Vitamin D3 supplement
Folic acid - Vitamin B9, needed for blood building and DNA synthesis
Menadione sodium bisulfate complex - Vitamin K

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