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Grain Free Cat Food

Grain Free Cat Food

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Our cat Grain Free Formula is balanced and nutritious for cats of all ages that have a sensitivity to grains. In addition, we have added prebiotics and fish oil to help maintain a balanced urinary pH level.

85% of our recipe is in the first 3-4 ingredients. The other 15% are vitamins/minerals


Dehydrated Chicken
Soy Oil
Dried Whole Egg
Liver Digest
Fish Oil
Methionine - an essential amino acid
Herring Meal
Choline Chloride - an organic compound, responsible for the health of brain cells
Apple Pomace - a rich source of carbohydrate, pectin, crude fiber, and minerals
Taurine - essential for digestion - cats do not produce on their own
Yucca - anti-arthritic, and anti-inflammatory 
Sodium bisulphate - flavor enhancement and helps acidify urine and balance pH
Calcium Propionate - "calcuim salt", used as a preservative
Ferrous Sulphate - source of iron, promotes oxygen-rich blood, immune support
Vitamin E supplement
Zinc Oxide - protects against free radicals, essential to insulin formation and immune function.
Niacin supplement - Vitamin B3
Folic Acid supplement - Vitamin B9, needed for blood building and DNA synthesis
Vitamin B12 supplement
Copper Sulphate - aids in bone formation, iron absorption and protein metabolism
Manganese Oxide - Standard source of manganese, nourishes brain and nervous system, aids in fat and sugar metabolism
Vitamin A supplement
Selenium -  has antioxidant properties, helps protect cells from damage
Riboflavin supplement - Vitamin B2
Calcium Pantothenate - vitamin B5
Biotin supplement - Vitamin B7
Menadione Metabisulfite complex - source of Vitamin K activity
Vitamin D supplement
Calcium Iodate - Iodine supplement, good for the thyroid gland

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