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Enviro-Magic Cat Litter

  • $15.97

Quick and Easy Care for a happy and healthy cat. Unique high-end formula perfect for your cat, your home, and the environment!

  • Dust Free
  • Odor Control
  • Scented, or Non-Scented varieties
  • Made in Canada
  • "Natural" comes in 7kg size for easy carry.
Order Enviro-Magic Cat Litter from Simcoe County Pet Services, and we will not only deliver to your home, but we will put it away for you as well! Litter is heavy. Let us lift it for you!
Multi Menu Brand
Damaged bags are available occasionally at a reduced rate. You will not get to choose your scent or type, but the bags are full. Just damaged from either shipping or from our warehouse cats who occasionally like to use them to sharpen their claws!

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